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Application procedure

Application Deadlines

Summer Semester (starting April): September 1st to December 1st
Winter Semester (starting October): March 1st to June 1st

Application Procedure

2. Read all fields of the required information thoroughly.

3. Fill in the forms.

4. Collect the following documents as simple copy of your original document. If the applied language differs from English or German, have it translated by a sworn translator.

  • Bachelor’s Degree Certificate with Transcript of Records
  • if available: further high school diplomas
  • Copy of your passport / identity card (no translation required)
  • certificates of internships, English language courses, other relevant achievements
  • copies of publication(s), if there are any

   For applicants from China, Vietnam or India:
   In case of admission to the SynCat program, you must provide an APS certificate!

5. Scan the original and the translated documents.

6. Send the filled application forms in pdf format via email to the SynCat admission team, attach all the required documents (preferably in pdf format).

What happens next?
Based on your application documents we will count your admission score on a point scale. Depending on which you might or might not get asked to prove your chemical knowledge by answering a chemical question.
You will be sent a problem sheet via email that comprises some basic chemical problem sets. Here you may have a peek how a typical question sheet might look like. We kindly ask you to submit your answer within four hour. Solving the problem sheet is a crucial part of the application process. Please take this serious and put in all of your efforts. We are testing your skills of adaption and flexibility as well as your knowledge about some chemical issues.

I got invited to the interview - what can I expect?
An interview with you might be scheduled to clarify some details.
In the interview we would like to know for example what motivates you to study SynCat and how good your English and basic chemical skills are, especially in organic and inorganic chemistry.

The Decision is out
You will be notified about the status of your admission within 4 to 6 weeks after the application deadline for your desired term.

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