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SynCat - in a nutshell

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The elite MSc SynCat program offers a focused and international education in the field of modern synthesis and catalysis chemistry. Students acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills that optimally prepare them for challenging research tasks in all areas of chemistry and material sciences. The knowledge acquired is used to creatively solve specific questions in the research context and is thus actively available. The program is aimed at German and international applicants who have already demonstrated very good performance in a scientifically oriented BSc program in chemistry and now wish to specialise at the highest level.
The elite MSc SynCat program is modularised and designed for a standard period of study of four semesters. The curriculum of the program is divided into seven modules that build on each other or are closely linked, each of which deals with the synthesis and characterisation of molecules and materials in an interdisciplinary manner. Guest lecturers from industry and a company excursion enrich the practical relevance of the course.

The program objectives of the MSc SynCat can be found here.
Elite Graduate Program
Master of Science
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis
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